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Serving Industrial, Construction, Safety and Agriculture Since 1975




Today our product line includes more than 20 styles of boots, 29 rain wear garments using 6 different materials, and 20 traffic vests and surveyor vests, 12 of which are ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 compliant. Our mission is to serve distributors in the construction, safety, ag, rubber, industrial, and mill supply channels of distribution.

Most products are available for purchase at www.ruggedsafetyproducts.com

High-Visibility Clothing

Class 3 High Visibility Bomber Jacket
Waterproof Bomber Jacket
Economical Bomber Jacket
Economical Bomber Jacket
Class 3 Windbreaker and Trouser
Windbreaker & Trouser Combo
High-Vis Rainsuit
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt


Synthetic Leather Gloves
Synthetic Leather Gloves
Cowhide Leather Gloves
Cowhide Leather Gloves
Winter Lined Gloves
Winter Lined Gloves
Summer Lined Gloves
Summer Lined Gloves

Industrial Waterproof Clothing

PVC Rainwear
The Titan
PVC Polyester Rainwear
The Brute
PVC Coated On Polyester Rainwear
The Standard
PVC Rainsuits
The Unsupported Suits
Yellow 3 Piece Rainsuit
Light Weight Suits
Ribbed PVC Rainwear

Protective Footwear

Rubber Yellow Slush Boots
Rubber Over the Shoe Boots Pullover
Rubber Knee Boots
Rubber Knee Boots
PVC Knee Boots
PVC Knee Boots
Rubber Hazmat Boots
Hazmat Boot
Rubber Hip Boots
Rubber Hip Boots
Rubber 5 Buckle Work Boots
Rubber Buckle Work Arctics
Rubber Insulated Hip Boots
Premium Grade Rubber Insulated Hip Boot
Rubber Green Irrigation Hip Boots
Premium Green Rubber Irrigation Hip Boots
Rubber High Waders
Rubber Chest High Waders

Safety Vests

Traffic Safety Vests
Traffic Vests
Surveyors Safety Vests
Surveyors Vests
ANSI T-Shirts
American Traffic Vests
Traffic Vests - Made in the USA
American Surveyors Vests
Surveyor Vests - Made in the USA
Open Mesh Economy Vests
Economy Vests - Open Mesh
Traffic Safety Shirt
Deluxe T-Shirt

Barricade Fencing & Tape

Orange Economy Barrier Fencing
Economy Barrier Fence
Orange Square Mesh Barrier Fencing
Square Mesh Barrier Fence
Diamond Mesh Barrier Fencing
Diamond Mesh Barrier Fence
Yellow Barricade Tape in English and Spanish
Yellow Caution Tape
Red Barricade Tape
Red Danger Tape
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